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First Night Williamsburg 2017 brought to you by:

Corporate Sponsors

Individual Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Paul G. and Marjorie M. Tongue
Dianne Stumbaugh
Ken and Brenda Mitchell
Lucinda Dudley
Mary Ann and Bill Bynum
Donald and Linda Baker
Charles and Ginny Crone
Wes and Betty Batten
Kathy and Fritz Klausner
Kay W. Kane
Nancy C. Sherman
David and Eileen Lowery
Ruth Mullaney
Clayton C Westland
Ron and Cecie Adolphi
Jerry and Mary Ann Fields
Chris and Anne Odle
Senator Tommy Norment

Silver Sponsors

John and Barbara Huesman
Ann Czompo
Duncan and Barb Fisher
Raymond Whitney
Karen and Mike Peifer
George and Helen Spalthoff
Sandra W. Stephan
Jane and Charles Yerkes
William and Nancy Kline

Bronze Sponsors

John and Joyce McKnight
Stephan and Judith Knudson
Jim and Judith Bowers
Master Craftsmen
Ben and Joy Cake
Carol and Dick Sorensen
Bonnie and Kingsley Smith

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